About the Interventional Radiology (IR) Clinic

The IR Clinic is operated by Dr. Brian Christenson as part of Eastern Radiological Associates. The IR Clinic is independent, but all state-of-the-art procedures are performed in specialized areas at St. Vincent Healthcare.

Most patients are referred to the IR clinic by oncologists, nephrologists, or other treating physicians and professionals. However you may refer yourself for an appointment at the IR Clinic.

We work closely with you and your other physicians to provide the services to you.

We usually see patients on WEDNESDAYS. During the COVID pandemic, we are seeing patients using an application on your computer, phone or tablet. We welcome you to our office. We value your time and we don’t double-book patients. Our clinic offers a personalized experience with state of the art treatment.

What to Expect:

Prior to your first visit, we will mail paperwork for you to complete and bring with you to your appointment. These forms can also be downloaded from our site (please see below.) Please bring with you a form of ID and insurance card for us to include in your records.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Privacy Notice
Notice of Privacy Practices
Patient Information Sheet
Patient Medical Information

To start your appointment, you are seen by either Jenny or Joe, who are specialized providers that work specifically with Dr. Christenson and the other radiologists of Eastern Radiological Associates.  After you see Jenny or Joe, you will be seen by Dr. Brian Christenson during the same appointment. This allows Dr. Christenson to maximize his time with you related to your condition and treatment options.

We are located at 2900 12th Ave North, Suite 4E. We are in the basement of the East building of the Yellowstone Medical Center. Please feel free to use the valet parking. Parking is also available towards the back of the building.

Our office phone number is 406-237-5490. Our office hours are usually Monday through Friday 8-5. Please call ahead if you are coming outside of a scheduled appointment.

Brian Christenson
Jennifer Koffler
Joseph Schmidt
Dr. Brian Christenson, M.D. &
Jennifer Koffler, PA-C and Joe Schmidt, N.P.
Stefanie, Shania, Linda

IR Clinic Services