Bill Pay

Paying Your Bill

You will receive a bill from Eastern Radiological Associates for our professional services. Our fee is separate from the fees billed to you by the hospital, imaging center, or your physician.

APS logoERA accepts checks, debit and credit cards through our billing company APS.

Pay Online
  • Online processing done through the APS website:
  • Must have a billing statement in front of you for reference.
phonePay by Phone
  • Simply call toll free 1-855-270-2792
  • You will receive a statement from ERA via APS. You may also receive phone calls about your account.
customerservicePay in Person
  • ERA accepts cash/check/credit card payments when staffing is available. Availability varies, please call before your arrival at 406-237-5490
  • We are located at 2900 12th Avenue North Suite 4E
    Billings, Montana 59101
  • Our office area is referred to as residing in the EAST building.

ERA’s billing company is Affliated Professional Services (APS), an American company that completes all of the billing processes at their location in Wareham, MA, USA. No billing is offshored to other countries. APS specializes in the complexities of medical billing. You will get a statement from ERA and reminder phone calls about your account. Prompt payment is appreciated.
All patients/guarantors are expected to pay in full after receiving an invoice/billing statement.
  • ERA offers the option of a payment plan, contact APS at 1-855-270-2792
  • Balances should be paid off within 6 months to one year and no interest is charged.
  • Payments must be received at regular intervals on amounts due or the account will go to collections.


ERA cannot do “insurance-only” billing for compliance reasons.
  • After ERA has billed and collected from a health plan, ERA will not write off the remaining amount due unless the patient qualifies for financial/hardship assistance.
  • Insured patients/guarantors are responsible for paying for amounts beyond health plan payments as designated by their specific insurance plan(s).


Any account not paid timely or where regular payments are missed or fall behind will be sent to Credit Service Company (collections agency) for collections.